About Us

What's Kawikados? 

Kawikados is more than just a name, it's a way of life, a movement, it's our culture. Our goal is to bring together a motivated community to help share knowledge and confidence with the world. We want to prove that there are no excuses for having a healthy life. 

Our mantra, "Making Fitness Second Nature" is the lifestyle that we live, share and stand by. 

Our Goal.

Our focus is your personal progress. The way we do this is by offering you the tools that track and monitor your goals, which help maintain consistent progress. Our goal is to "Make Fitness Second Nature," for everyone.

Our priority is to offer you the tools that help you track and maintain consistent progress, and 'Beast Tracker' is that tool. 

Our Why.

This is David, the founder of Kawikados and the creator of the Beast Tracker. Like many, he has seen the struggle that we all have with reaching our fitness goals. He has broken down fitness to the basics, and has found that no matter how many apps we have, fitness idols we follow, or videos we watch, it all comes down to the simple question, "Will I do it?" We all must answer the question with, "Yes I will!" David once suffered from a lack of confidence, and from this, he learned that our biggest obstacle is ourselves. He has overcome this problem with slow progression and found that his first step was to understand who he was. Understanding yourself and your abilities is key to starting on the path of your fitness goals.